What precious stones are called? And why gems often valued less than a semi? How important to the history of stones, and what is more important - the strangeness of the gemstone, or its historical significance.

Citrine in ornaments

Citrine, though not the gem of the first category, for his classification, and sometimes not valued below the diamond. What determines the price of citrine, and where it is mined? Jewelry with citrine.

Opal deposits

Where are the opal deposits? Can we find an opal in the country where you live and what is the opal stones - precious or semi-precious? It turns out that we know not all about this beautiful stone opal, especially about his field.


Red Gold is different from the pink of their color. However, many are confused with pure red gold, and not to do so. Where is the use of red gold, and that it is made? Prized whether this type of gold at all?

Bvlgari watch Serpenti

Bvlgari watches from the collection of women's Serpenti may well replace the bracelets on her beauty and so of course, by the prices and wealth. These are real works of art that are unlikely to ever go out of style. Gems on the clock are selected individually for each model of the highest quality. Jewelers create a better world quartz watch from Bvlgari.

White gold

White gold, like any other gold, is constantly growing in price. But what it consists of, and how it differs from ordinary gold? Why white gold called so, and not silver gold, for example?

Green Gold

What color did not happen gold and green - one of the varieties. But green gold is not mined in the mines or the mines, it is made with their own hands people.


Amethyst is so beautiful that I want to enjoy this jewel endlessly. However, few people know what love amethyst helps get reciprocity. Even fewer people know that amethyst changes its color, and can turn into a citrine. Jewelers like amethyst for its beauty and unusual color, but apart from that the stone is in its history many interesting legends.

My Dior collection

My Dior collection symbolizes the intertwining fates, the relationship between a man and a woman, an invisible mystery. Created to decorate and win the hearts, both friends and lovers. House of Dior has once again surprised the world with unparalleled idea and great taste.