Sotheby's autumn 2013 will present at the 40th anniversary of unique jewelry. In Hong Kong would come not only brilliant blue Premier, the only gem of this quality at this round-cut, but also a lot of other amazing jewelry.

Largest diamond

Many do not know what is actually the biggest diamond in the world, and in the meantime it is no longer Cullinan I. Diamond Gold Wedding owned by the King of Thailand - the world's largest diamond.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are popular all over the world, because they make the most expensive diamonds. In addition, the red diamonds are found less often and buy these gems is considered a good investment of money - the price is only growing.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Amsterdam - the most expensive black diamond in the world for the price of 1 carat. Its structure is unique, and the story extremely interesting. Who is the owner of Black Diamond Amsterdam and unknown.

Black Orlov

Diamond Black Orlov wonders its name. On the one hand, it seems that the blame is the color  diamond, as well as the name owner of Stone - Princess of Russia Nadezhda Orlova. Other historically Orlov diamond from India and the authenticity of these gems just checked thoroughly. And the Black Orlov diamond is genuine black diamond. He was introduced to Count Grigory Orlov, the Empress Catherine the Great, and then installed on the royal scepter on the orders  great empress.