The Muzo emerald deposit is the most famous deposit in the world. It is the emeralds of Muzo that are famous all over the world for their color and quality. But the history of these lands, like everything connected with money, is not so simple.

Discoverer of emerald deposits

The famous seeker of natural treasures, James K. Hill, has a truly magical flair. He was the one who found deposits of emeralds in North Carolina, USA, and not simple, but jewelry stones. Hill is famous for his ability to search for gems almost with a screwdriver, and this is a fact, not a joke or a comparison. But besides this, he carefully studies the geological history of the land, where he is looking for a natural treasure.

Carved Emerald

What could be carved emeralds? Different, of course. But the carved emerald Ashok Kumar Sancheti is something unique in the world of precious stones. Since the shortcomings of this gem turned into its virtues. Emerald from the Muzo field.

Queen Carolina

Emerald Queen Carolina has become one of the most famous and precious gemstones found in North Carolina. Its properties are amazing, and the history of the find is incredibly interesting. 12 people came together to decide how to cut this fabulous gem.