Green Gold

Green GoldGreen gold, it is nothing short of an alloy of two metals - silver and gold itself. Thus, gold taking seventy-five percent of the silvering and twenty-five percent. And other proportions are permissible, but with little deviation.

Interestingly, the green gold in appearance with a yellowish tinge, however, this is no surprise, it's gold, though called green. Wizards were able to make green gold even in ancient times, about 850 years BC have done such a miracle of creation of human hands. However, then green gold was called electrum.

If jewelers want to make a really green, they are added to the alloy of gold and silver two percent kamidiya to obtain a light green tint, or four to six percent kamidiya if they want to get rich dark green color of gold. However, jewelers know, but sometimes silent, about the toxicity of the kamidiya. So before you buy jewelry made of green gold, ask which way the gold was created, whether there is an admixture of kamidiya.

Of course, the green gold prized by jewelers, still the gold, and 18K way with a touch of silver.


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