Red Gold

Red GoldRed Gold also exists and are aware of it is slightly smaller than, for example, a pink gold. What is the red gold? Some mistakenly believe that red gold is pure gold, but it is not. Pure gold of the highest standard with a small amount of copper, while the red gold contains more than forty percent copper, and about sixty percent of gold. In fact, this gold 585-th sample.

Due to the fact that red gold was popular in Russia, it is also called Russian gold. However, in other countries the red gold is considered low-grade, low-quality. By the way, gold 585-carat few places considered high quality and valuable, mainly valued higher sample that there would be no added.

Still, there are advantages and red gold, in the first place is its strength. Yes, red gold stronger than mere gold. It is made of red gold jewelers can create real masterpieces of lace, delicate patterns and a variety of monogram. In Russia before the revolution did a lot of jewelry made of red gold with precious stones such as diamonds, for example.

For jewelry designers of our time is also very important to have it red gold, in fishnet arms that can literally wrap gem. By its color red gold complement invented the style and design copyright jewelry, and certainly if you want to be well combined with other precious metals.

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