White gold

White gold ringWhite gold is known the world is much smaller than, for example, green gold. It would seem, because the name alone white gold says that it adds extra white metal. And the most famous white metal silver is in a pinch expensive platinum. However, when gold is added to obtain green gold, silver, and to published need to add white gold, palladium or nickel, manganese possible. Of course, along with nickel, manganese, gold or palladium may be added more and platinum, and the same silver. If you add a little white gold silver, it becomes more matte finish.

Another interesting fact is that many people have found a nickel allergy, so before buying white gold, make sure that you do not belong to this type of people. Such allergy manifested most often in the form of skin dermatitis.

White gold depending on the composition changes its properties, it is used for different purposes. For example, if gold is to add nickel to give a solid white gold. Because it makes rings and pins. If we add to gold, palladium, get soft white gold, which is good to use for framing gems. Gold alloys with platinum and silver strong, however, they are not easily in the jewelers. You'd be surprised, but in white gold sometimes even add copper, in order to increase ductility. In the alloy of zinc added still and that attenuates color copper.

Creating white gold a kind of art, as used for certain purposes defined in special alloy proportions. The peak of White Gold Engagement Ringpopularity of white gold earned in 1920, while it is actively used for framing diamonds. Therefore, it is safe to say that white gold is very young. Earlier Eyeglasses diamonds were made of silver, and of course, made of platinum. But as we know, silver is oxidized very quickly, and therefore from him soon abandoned. Place about diamonds took platinum. But platinum is very expensive, and besides, refractory, so when there was white gold jewelers relieved.

Color white gold depends on its composition, however, are often coated with an alloy of gold jewelers rhodium, and we accept the color of rhodium for the most unique and unique color of white gold. However, it should be understood that it is not. The product is plated with rhodium, sooner or later will change its color, it will be erased simply have to go to a jeweler to update the decoration of white gold.

Jewellery’s with the addition of palladium in its color is closer to white steel, but even closer to the white steel white gold with the addition of platinum. When adding nickel white gold gain barely noticeable yellowing, which will turn into a blue tint after plating nickel products.

White gold as gold and other colors, in fashion, then leaves it. However, all of its charm is that it is. And if someone does not like the color of gold, and silver, it is not suitable as a metal, it is worth to try it white gold.

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